DuctPro Engineering (H.K.) Ltd. is an environmental engineering firm established in 2005. With extensive consulting and contracting experience in indoor air quality, we are established to serve four main streams of services.


Air Delivery System Cleaning Services


Since air delivery system is a common hidden source of indoor air pollution, air delivery system cleaning is a key step to maintain indoor air quality. With our professional and qualified experience, we aim at providing air duct cleaning and air handling unit cleaning to meet our customers??satisfaction.


Indoor Environmental Consultancy Services


As the founders of the company have extensive knowledge and experiences in indoor environmental quality assessment, DuctPro has the most well trained and competent group for indoor environmental quality consultancy services.

Indoor Air Quality Certification Services


As Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department launched the indoor air certification program in 2003, more people raise their concerns in indoor environment. DuctPro has Registered Professional Engineer to provide both preliminary assessment and intensive measurement for the clients to meet the tie schedule. Indoor Air Quality Certification Package has been designed to meet customer expectation.

Indoor Air Quality Improvement Services


With our extensive network to oversea suppliers, professional bodies, and research centres, we determine the needs of our customer to supplier a wide range of air treatment products that could help to improve the indoor air quality of not only common domestic and commercial environment but also the most undesirable environment.

HKSAR Government- Electrical and Mechanical Service Department Approved Contractor

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